Daniel Robles

Daniel Robles
About This Project

Daniel Robles-Madrigal is a versatile storyteller; his visuals are proven to range from a dramatic goodbye to a magically and sensually framed Hello.

While he studied Industrial Design, he exploited his creative potential and leadership and he founded Portaventura, his design company which was, for a few years, one of the biggest in his native Guadalajara, Mexico. Given the opportunity to sell this company, in 2002 Daniel traveled to the city of Santa Barbara, California to study his second bachelor’s degree in Motion Picture Production at the acclaimed Brooks Institute of Photography.

As a self-taught photographer, during his Brooks years Daniel worked as a freelance location manager for Locations Plus Inc. and Santa Barbara Locations Services.  He was privileged to work in preproduction with acclaimed directors Michael Bay and David Mamet and he quickly started